International Payments.

The Fee Free Economy of Network Pay™ provides instant payments in 25 Currencies.

Fee Free Payment Solution.

Using Network Pay™ you can hold up to 25 Virtual Currency Accounts in a Fee Free Economy and pay to over 140 Currencies. Network Pay™ offers extremely competitive Exchange Rates and no Account Transaction Fees.

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Currency Exchange Optimization.

Network Pay™ can save you thousands per year in Foreign Currency exchange and Banking Fees. Avoid the traditional method of transferring funds internationally with high exchange fees and exit fee from your local bank.

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Escrow Payments.

Network Pay™ facilitates Escrow payments to satisfy both parties are happy with transaction prior to releasing the funds. This can be useful in a situation where Buytasker is instructed to pay a new unaudited supplier.

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Foreign Currency Payment Strategy.

Your Buytasker dedicated support team are going to discuss with you on how to circulate your funds within Network Pay™. At minimum you can take advantage of a better exchange rate than your Bank, you will be pleased to know that Network Pay™ does not charge any account fees.

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