Buytasker has a reach of 20+ countries for quality controlled product sourcing, packing, shipping and customs processing from any supplier to any delivery location.

How can Supplier Management benefit me?

Managing overseas suppliers from one product line to thousands of product lines can be a complex and expensive routine for any business small or large.

The traditional method can be significantly inadequate and manual even when systems and in-house software or ERPs are in place.

Buytasker, put simply, can do all the external workload for you. Simply trigger a Purchase Order within your account and wait for your delivery.

Product inspections for quality assurance, packing, logistics and customs handling is all done for you. The whole process is reported back to your Buytasker Project every step of the way, including webhooks tailored to connect to your communication systems to automate data entry and document management.

Begin automating your supply chain today.

You deserve the technology and service Buytasker can offer you.