A modern supply chain company that builds technology you can understand.

Our customers access freight forwarding and supplier management services effortlessly.

So we have technology, big deal…

Building Web Applications and API technology in 2020 is not Rocket Science, the difficulty is how to solve complex problems by developing software that doesn’t create more problems.

This is where we are different to the rest, we care about your business, your cargo and your customer experience. We care deeply how you value our technology, this is priority at Buytasker. We focus less on how big our own company can grow, we are customer-focused first.

If our customers are happy then we know we have built good working technology and delivers the service we promise.

A company led by a worldwide Network of experts in Global Trade.

Buytasker Logistics Network, is an exclusive worldwide Network of Supply Chain and Logistics Companies. Our Digital Global Network with 1300 offices around the world is guaranteed to have a specialist in any region you need.

Local knowledge in a foreign region is essential to ensure problems can be solved without adding layers of extra costs and complexities. We’re proud of our local knowledge experts and satisfied no other Digital Platform can offer this specialist knowledge.

Discover your powerful supply chain technology platform.