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Buytasker is a technology focussed supply chain management company, whether you're buying, selling, manufacturing, designing, importing or exporting goods or services, Buytasker provides a world class service you deserve and can trust.

Wholesalers and Distributors.

Source new or existing products from any supplier or manufacturer located anywhere in the world..

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Procurement platform for franchisees to restock and replenish operational equipment and supplies.

Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Buytasker without effort can place your business into markets such as the US, China and Europe and new and emerging markets such as India and Africa.

Retailers and Ecommerce.

A turn-key buying channel to source ideas or existing products direct from suppliers anywhere in the world.

Buytasker Distributors.

Generate revenue from businesses using Buytasker as a solution.

Service Providers.

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Buytasker is an all encompassing product sourcing and importing solution, revenue is generated much the same as it did before the age of the internet, however, we're now empowered in the cloud and can simplify the process by adding a very small highly competitive service margin into the product buy price. We tailor this margin to help keep your purchased products competitive.
Yes sure you can. When your Buying Project moves from sourcing mode to pricing mode, product sample options are added to your Buying Project by your account manager, you can select a sample option and order it to your listed sample address in 1 click.

When starting a Buying Project you can select to have the goods shipped to an address, nearest port or no shipping required. If a shipping option is required to an address or port your goods are shipped by buytasker's freight forwarding team, everything is organized for you at the lowest competitive rates.

You can easily order a factory inspection, simple add the factory inspection to your Buying Project, this will ensure the factory you're ordering from is legitimate and has a good clean work history.

There are many types of product quality control inspections we can offer, not all will be applicable to your goods ordered. Listed below are common inspections that may be required.

  • Pre-Production Inspections
  • During Production Inspections
  • Final Random Inspections
  • Loading Supervision
  • On-Site Checking

The key benefits are:

  • Ensure product safety and technical specifications prior to goods being shipped
  • Mitigate the potential defective products per order
  • Reduce the risk of late shipments
  • Reduce customer returns due to defective products
  • Identify non-standard or non-compliant products

Yes, if you're shipping to and selling on Amazon for example, we will ensure products meet Amazon's product prep requirements. Buytasker can prepare your eligible products according to Amazon product type specifications.

When creating a Buying Project the 2nd phase of the buying process is 'pricing mode' in this mode you can let your account manager know of the labelling and bar coding requirements.
Buytasker users can access our group of companies that includes professional design studios that can help you with the design and branding of your products. The initial cost to develop custom branding and packaging can be bundled in to the buying price per unit using Buytasker on the first order of such products.
Buytasker users can most certainly use Buytasker to design and manufacture products. When you create a Buying Project in Buytasker you are asked to provide images as attachments clearly showing your product, this can easily be images of your product design and ideas. We can source the appropriate manufacturer and have prototypes developed and sent to you as samples. When you are happy with the product you can then move to ordering your product, the manufacturing price will be negotiated with the manufacturer on your behalf.

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