• Integrate, Automate and Optimize your Workflow.
  • Integrate, Automate and Optimize your Workflow.
  • Integrate, Automate and Optimize your Workflow.
  • Integrate, Automate and Optimize your Workflow.

Integrate, Automate and Optimize your Workflow.

The powerful team success platform for freight forwarders.

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Visibility, Collaboration & Productivity.

Our mission is to help you reduce costs, digitalize processes and grow. 

Coordinate shipments end-to-end from quotes to delivery with 90% less data entry.

Power your teams to collaborate with customers and partners in a single workspace, from anywhere in the world. 

Connect 3rd party applications to create custom task automation for customers and teams. 

Customers can instantly book from your website 24/7 and track their shipments from pickup to delivery. 

Gain total visibility by powering your entire business from a single platform. 

Fee-free international transactions, wholesale FX exchange rates, and one-click quote to invoice.

Do it all with Buytasker's Cargo Services Software.

360˚ Supply Chain Visibility and Control.

All the visibility you want with everything you need on one page, keeping your projects and team on track. 

Project Email in one Platform.
Filtered, organized and manageable.
Multichannel Communication.
Instant messenger, email and connected chat apps.

Automate routine tasks and get more done.

Genuine supply chain automation to save you time, reduce costs and increase profit.

Build Custom Workflows that run processes while you sleep.
Integrate Productivity & Logistics Applications such as Last Mile Carriers.

Simple and intelligent rate management.

A new way to manage rates and a system that can learn from your data and anticipate your next quote.

Smart Quotes.
Instant Bookings.

Easily create and file shipping and transport documents.

Digitizing means less typing and mitigate risks of human input errors and smart tracking of important data. Publish 15+ commonly used documents such as manifests, FCR, COO, DG, IATA/FIATA bills and more.

Air Waybills.
Bill of Lading.

Easy to get started.

It’s free to get started and takes only a few minutes. 

Free 14 Day Trial.

Setup in Minutes.

Lifetime Support.

Integrate and connect your existing systems and applications.

Increase productivity and save time by connecting your workflow.

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Looking for a remote work solution?

Buytasker's Cargo Forwarder Software is ideal for remote teams to keep your business moving in uncertain times.

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